MMA Sun Rumor Mill September 2014

Every now and then I hear little bits of information.  Here are some things I have heard.  Most are just rumors, so I am not reporting them as fact, but I will say that many of these rumors have some solid footing.  Take these for what they are worth…

  • It looks like it is quite possible that season 20 is the last season of the Ultimate Fighter.  UFC has not made plans to have a 21st season.  Dana White was mum on the future of the reality show recently.  Fox is not unhappy with the numbers, but it looks like there are either going to be some big changes or cancellation.  I have tried to reach out to Fox Sports for a comment.
  • I had heard that a TUF-like reality show is possible on Fight Pass, which would theoretically replace TUF on Fox Sports 1
  • TUF will still be a part of the UFC’s international expansion.  UFC is also targeting TUF shows in other places.  Canada has been seriously discussed for a second season…perhaps a Canada vs. U.S. or Canada vs. U.K. season. A European TUF is not impossible.  I wonder what it would take to convince UFC to do a show in Russia/Eastern Europe?
  • Remember when UFC announced a deal with Vale Tudo to do a reality show on Japanese TV?  That deal is not done.  It may not get done.  The announced format may not be the actual format.  Discussions are still ongoing for that venture.  I expect a deal to be done this week or at least some decision made this week as UFC brass meets with Vale Tudo and other Japanese TV people.
  • Do not be surprised to see another promotion added to UFC Fight Pass.  I can 100% confirm that UFC has had multiple talks with multiple promotions to air events on Fight Pass.  It seems that UFC is really not giving great financial incentive for these promotions.  However, they may see a upside anyways.  Two promotions I know of that have had discussions are U.S. based.  One is based in European.  Another is Japanese based.  No deals have been finalized yet, although it looks like one of those is on the verge of being completed.  I am not sure if that deal is just for a certain amount of live events or if it also includes fight library access on Fight Pass.  The deals are quite complicated and take a long time to structure from what I understand.
  • Speaking of Fight Pass, Eddie Bravo has a jiu jitsu tournament coming up that he is trying to get on Fight Pass, but it is more likely that UFC strikes a deal with Metamoris very soon.  In fact, I would think that the next Fight Pass deal we hear about is one with Metamoris.
  • Ring of Combat has publicly talked on Twitter about getting on Fight Pass.  I am unaware if negotiations with Ring of Combat have taken place (which means they are not the U.S. based promotion I referenced above), but they could have had talks.  I think Ring of Combat would be a perfect fit.  They put on great shows and have an incredible fight library full of UFC stars.
  •  prominent UFC fighter failed a drug test.  The news has not broke yet.  It is possible that the news will not break.  The said fighter may just take a year off as a suspension from UFC
  • UFC was very pleased with TUF Latin America.  They were so pleased that a second season is being planned.  In fact, casting for lightweight and welterweights is already being discussed.  I am not certain when the show would film or air, but I would guess early 2015.
  • All 16 cast members from TUF Latin America will get a fight in UFC, but not all will fight at the finale.  A few are nursing injuries and their debuts will be delayed
  • All 16 cast members from TUF 20 will get a fight in the UFC as well.
  • I had published before that the UFC had a deal with Jackson’s MMA to send Mexican and Latin American fighters to train there.  This program has been a success.  They used that program to develop several competitors of TUF Latin America including Gabriel Benitez and Guido Cannetti as well as new UFC signee Augusto Montano.  UFC was so pleased with this that they are doing a similar venture at American Top Team.  For some reason, UFC officials are very “hush, hush” about this program.  However, it is a great strategy and opportunity to develop talent in some of these countries that are further behind in MMA.
  • UFC would love to get Marlon Moraes from World Series of Fighting.  It isn’t likely to happen…maybe ever.  I am told that Word Series of Fighting’s contracts are worse than Bellator’s were.  It is virtually contractually impossible for a guy like Moraes to get out of that deal.  The only thing in his favor is that his manager is also WSOF’s matchmaker.  I am not sure how that comes into play.
  • I am not sure it is ground breaking rumor or not, but UFC still wants to Make Anthony Johnson vs. Alexander Gustafsson (Probably in early 2015) and Junior Dos Santos vs. Stipe Miocic (probably in Brazil).
  • UFC is going to be making several cuts in coming weeks.  They have to make room for TUF Latin America and TUF 20 competitors….they kept all 32 of those fighters for at least one fight.

The WSOF Fighters That Would Be Most Coveted By UFC…

The World Series of Fighting has established itself as a solid number three promotion in the United States behind UFC and Bellator.  They secured a TV deal with NBCWSOF Sports, which included live fights on network TV.  They also have signed many quality fighters.  Now, I know that WSOF president, Ray Sefo has stated that the World Series of Fighting is not a UFC feeder league.  He has made clear that fighters do not have Zuffa out clauses in their contracts.  However, I am curious what fighters in the World Series of Fighting I would most like to see in the UFC.  For some of these fighters it is only a matter of time; a matter of fulfilling a contract.  For others it may not be a reality in the near future.  Some of the fighters have openly talked about their desire to get to the UFC.  However, contracts do stand in the way for now.

1. Justin Gaethje – The lightweight champion is the best fighter and best prospect under the WSOF banner.  A solid win over Nick Newell certainly boosted his stock for me.  I would love to see how he would do in the UFC.  I am pretty sure he signed a new deal recently, so he may be locked up for a while under a contract.  However, if he is happy in WSOF and they can keep getting him fights, then it may be a good place for him.  It would be easy to get lost in the UFC lightweight division.  I would imagine that Melvin Guillard is up next.

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Sorting Out UFC’s Title Pictures

I am sure UFC has some type of plan for contenders for each title. Well…maybe. Some divisions really are a mess, that I would not want to clean up. That type of mess is not necessarily a bad thing, but in most cases someone is going to be left out.

We know who is next for Cain Velasquez. It is Fabricio Werdum. But what about after Werdum. Assuming Cain wins, I have no clue what happens there. There are not many options. Stipe Miocic probably has the best resume, but I would guess he fights Junior Dos Santos next. If he wins that makes a pretty clear contender, but Dos Santos is not a easy win. You have the Roy Nelson vs. Mark Hunt fight. That doesn’t seem like a top contender match, but it is a fun fight and the winner would be fun (maybe) to watch against Cain. You have Overeem if he gets by Rothwell. Other than that, there is nothing. If I was UFC, I would just hold Stipe for Cain so he has someone to fight.

Light Heavyweight
Jon Jones gets Daniel Cormier next. Atfer that…who knows? This is one fight, I do not know who wins. If Jones wins, I would imagine Gustafsson is next. If Cormier wins, I imagine re-match. I also would venture that Gustafsson fights again. The talk seems to be Anthony Johnson for him. Either way, it seems that the order of contenders right now is Cormier, Gustafsson and then Anthony Johnson. No one else even belongs in the talk. Ryan Bader and Phil Davis remain on the outside looking in towards title shots they may never get.

This division is complicated. Right now, Weidman vs. Belfort is set. Assuming that fight goes down, who contends after that? The odds on favorite is Jacare if he wins against Gegard Mousasi. But, you still have names like Rockhold, Kennedy, Bisping and Romero that want in the mix. Kennedy and Romero will sort some things out. The question is what happens with Rockhold and Bisping. They want each other, but UFC has also talked about Machida vs. Rockhold. Also, this guy named Anderson Silva is returning in January. So, Belfort is next. Then we assume Jacare has the inside track.

Champ, Johny Hendricks is expected to face Robbie Lawler in January. Who would be next after that? Three names come to my mind. MacDonald, Woodley and Lombard. Probably in that order. MacDonald is set to face Tarec Saffiedine, which is not gimmee. Saffiedine could jump deep into the title mix with a win. Woodley probably needs one more win and so does Lombard. It just seems to me that Rory is next. After that, toss a coin between Lombard and Woodley. I do wonder, who each of those guys gets next. Maybe one of them gets Matt Brown. I would say that by 2015 we would also need to talk names like Gastelum, Mein, Nelson and Thatch. This division is fresh and exciting.

The top of this is a mess. A good mess. Pettis has been on the shelf too long. But upon his return he gets GIlbert Melendez. After that you have T.J. Grant promised a title shot. I doubt he is next. You have Eddie Alvarez vs. Donald Cerrone who probably is the favorite. You have Rafael Dos Anjos coming off a win over Benson Henderson and Khabib coming off a win over Dos Anjos. That seems to be the title mix right now. My guess is Alvarez vs. Cerrone winner gets Pettis vs. Melendez winner….WOW.

Jose Aldo vs. Chad Mendes goes down next. After that, I am pretty sure that Cub Swanson vs. Frankie Edgar happens and that would be the 100% certain number one contender fight. The Poirer vs, McGregor fight would certainly get the winner in the mix as well. Ricardo Lamas vs. Dennis Bermudez is also a fight that gets the winner in good position. How about…Aldo/Mendez winner vs. Swanson/Edgar winner. Also, how about Bermudez/Lamas winner vs. Poirer/McGregor winner? There it is.

Barao and Dillashaw are about to go down. Raphael Assuncao seems to have the best credentials for a title shot. If Assuncao beats Caraway, there is an interesting back story with him holding a win over Dillashaw. I would also think that Dominick Cruz could be in line with a win over Takeya Mizugaki.

Someone tell me why Demetrious Johnson is fighting Chris Freakin’ Cariaso? He certainly is an undeserving contender, but who is next? I think a few names stand out although I do not think we have a clear top contender. Jussie Formiga, John Lineker, Kyoji Horiguchi, and Ian McCall.

Women’s Bantamweight
I would guess that Rousey fights Carano next leaving the division on hold. Cat Zingano is the rightful contender. Bethe Correia adnd a few others are on the rise, but Zingano should get her shot next.

Top 15 Available Prospects in MMA

There always seems to be solid prospects emerging in MMA. There also always seems to be highly touted prospects getting signed to UFC or even Bellator. So, the question is…who are the best available prospects right now? Just to set a few parameters, the list includes guys with resumes that qualify them for consideration from UFC or Bellator. There are some really good prospects who are very green in their careers. These 15 names are ones that I feel are worth a look now and could be on the verge of big league offers….

1. Nicolas Dalby - The product of Denmark is 12-0 in his professional career. Dalby looks to take that mark to 13-0 on September 13th when he takes on Gael Grimaud in his first Cage Warriors welterweight title defense. At 28-years old I look for Dalby to be in the UFC by years end. A win in his next fight certainly makes his case. I do not know if Dalby is the best long term prospect on this list, but I would say he comes in at number one because he may have the best case to get into the UFC right now.

2. Islam Makhachev - The 22-year old Dagestani may be the next big thing out of the talent rich region. His training partner, Khabib Nurmagomedov raves about his skills. He boasts a perfect 10-0 record which includes a win over Mansour Barnaoui. It is quite possible that Makhachev is the best of the Russian lightweight prospects. Given his age and current skill set he really could do very well. Like many of the fighters under contract with M-1, I am not sure if there is an easy way out, but I am quite certain that he is on UFC and Bellator’s radar. He very well could be the next Russian to find big time success in the UFC.

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What Current RFA Fighter Will Be Next to Go to UFC?


RFA has been THE launching pad for prospects into the UFC. It seems quite frequent that it is reported that a RFA fighter has been signed to the UFC. While RFA match maker Scott Cutbirth has stepped aside, he leaves behind a roster full of talent. We can be almost certain that UFC will come calling more RFA fighters. The question is not “if” it is “when?” and “who?” I take a stab at who the next RFA fighters will be to land in the UFC.

Dakota Cochrane – Cochrane is fighting for the RFA lightweight title soon. A win almost assuredly gets him a UFC call. To be honest, I am surprised he hasn’t gotten the call before now. A failed TUF bid and some inconsistent performances have hurt him, but he really has some nice names on his resume.

Mark Dickman – Dickman is another RFA guy who must be near UFC. I wouldn’t be shocked to see him as an injury replacement sooner than later. Dickman is fighting for the RFA featherweight strap at the next event. A win there would move him near the top of Joe Silva’s list.

Josh Copeland – The newly minted RFA heavyweight champion is very possibly UFC bound. There are not many undefeated heavyweight prospects. Couple that with UFC’s relationship with RFA and Copeland is most certainly on the radar.

Chidi Njokuani – The brother of UFC fighter Anthony Njokuani has had some very solid performances. He needs to show more consistency, but based on name alone he could get some UFC consideration. I think he may need one more win to get there. RFA had talked about Njokuani vs. Jouban before Jouban departed for UFC. Chidi needs a validating win and I expect that chance to come sooner rather than later.

Chris Heatherly – I think there’s a good chance we see Heatherly vs. Njokuani next. I have some questions about how Heatherly would perform in the UFC welterweight division, but he has done fairly well. His resume includes a submission win over Dakota Cochrane. How about Heatherly vs. Njokuani re-match next?

Jake Collier – Soon to be returning from injury, Collier is a bright looking prospect. He has a great striking game and an improving ground game. I think Collier has the tools to not only do well in RFA, but also in UFC.

Raoni Barcelos – Barcelos is a guy I was really high on at one time. I was even considering him as one of the best prospects in MMA, however there is something off with him. I do not know if it is a mental thing or a motivation thing, but I have reservations about him. The talent is there, no doubt. I would like to see him turn things around and make a run at the RFA featherweight title.

Andrew Sanchez – I still think Andrew Sanchez is a guy to watch. He got beat by Kevin Casey, but I really think he just made some big mistakes. Sanchez is a great grappler and those around him rave about his skills. He is still improving as a fighter. I would be surprised if he does not eventually get the call, but he may need to strong together 3 wins or so to get the chance.

Matt Manzaneres – The RFA flyweight champion has a nice shot at getting to the UFC. Any RFA champion is high on the UFC list. Manzaneres has talent. He lost his first title big against Zach Makovsky. However, Manzaneres has shown himself to have a wide variety of skills. I think he needs a solid win before we can see him in UFC, but he is inching closer and closer.

Gabriel Checco – Checco could be a opponent for the returning Jake Collier. If so, that is a great fight and a number one contender type of fight. There are some who are really high on Checco. The undefeated middleweight could also fight Andrew Sanchez. The problem is that with Sanchez, Collier and Checco all in the mix, someone will eat a loss.


Boston Salmon – He certainly has a ways to go before we can start talking UFC, but Salmon has really impressed. Now fighting at bantamweight he really has a leg up. With a 2-0 career mark, Salmon will need a few more wins, but he seems well on his way.

Christos Giagos – Coming off of a win over Sevak Magakian not too long ago, Giagos is hoping to capture RFA gold against Dakota Cochrane.

Sid Bice – A solid flyweight prospect, who really could step into contender status soon.

Jarred Mercado – A good bantamweight prospect who should be fighting for the bantamweight title next

Jan Jorgensen – While he may have lost to Copeland, he is still a Heavyweight to watch.

Note: Rasul Mirzaev and Leandro Higo would have been high on the list, but visa issues for both put their RFA futures in question.

Who Has The Better Roster…Bellator or World Series of Fighting

We know that UFC is the premiere organization in MMA.  Their roster is by far superior to any other.  If we start talking about tier two, we have Bellator and World Series of Fighting.  There are other things that factor in to a MMA promotion’s success such as TV deals, sponsorship, ratings, live gate numbers, etc. I want to look strictly from a roster point of view.  Which MMA promotion has the second best roster.  Right off that bat we have been somewhat conditioned to say Bellator.  They are Viacom owned, on Spike TV, pull fairly good numbers from time to time.  However, hos much better, if any is their fighter roster than World Series of Fighting.  Let’s break it down division by division.


Female Strawweight

  • World Series of Fighting
  1. Jessica Aguilar
  2. Emi Fujino
  3. Alida Gray
  • Bellator
  1. N/A


  • Bellator:
  1. Eduardo Dantas
  2. Joe Warren
  3. Marcos Galvao
  4. Rafael Silva
  5. Mike Richman
  • World Series of Fighting:
  1. Marlon Moraes
  2. Tyson Nam
  3. Sheymon Moraes
  4. Timur Valiev
  5. Josh Hill
  6. Bryson Hansen

Most people would say Bellator over WSOF here, but I disagree.  Dantas lost to Tyson Nam, who is in WSOF.  Plus, WSOF has Marlon Moraes and Sheymon Moraes.  Bellator’s bantamweight division is old.  I take World Series of Fighting’s bantamweight division here.


  • Bellator
  1. Pat Curran
  2. Patricio Pitbull
  3. Daniel Straus
  4. Frodo Khasbulaev
  5. Darrion Caldwell
  6. Bubba Jenkins
  7. Julio Cesar Neves
  8. Shahbulat Shamalaev
  9. Shannon Slack
  10. Goiti Yamauchi
  • World Series of Fighting
  1. Rick Glenn
  2. George Karakhanyan
  3. Lance Palmer
  4. Fredy Assuncao
  5. Chris Gruetzmacher
  6. Cody Bollinger
  7. Nick Lobosco
  8. Artur Rofi

This is a close head to head, but I give it to Bellator here because of the strong combination of Pitbull, Curran and Straus.  However, I do think Glenn, Karakhanyan and Palmer would be very competitive in Bellator’s featherweight division.  (Note: Karakhanyan fought for Bellator, but I think he is much improved).


  • Bellator
  1. Eddie Alvarez
  2. Michael Chandler
  3. Will Brooks
  4. Dave Jansen
  5. Marcin Held
  6. Saad Awad
  7. Patricky Pitbull
  8. David Rickels
  9. Alexander Sarnavskiy
  • World Series of Fighting
  1. Justin Gaethje
  2. Nick Newell
  3. Melvin Guillard
  4. JZ Cavalcante
  5. Luiz Firmino
  6. Johnny Nunez
  7. Ozzy Dugulubgov

Really an easy pick here.  I take Bellator’s lightweight division.  WSOF has Gaethje, Newell and Guillard who maybe could beat any in Bellator, but the Bellator trio of Alvarez, Chandler and Brooks are higher ranked.  Where Bellator pulls away for me is with guys like Marcin Held.  They just have more good lightweights.  However, I do consider Gaethje elite.


  • Bellator
  1. Douglas Lima
  2. Andrey Koreshkov
  3. Rick Hawn
  4. War Machine
  5. Adam McDonough
  6. Michael Page
  • World Series of Fighting
  1. Rousimar Palhares
  2. Jon Fitch
  3. Jake Shields
  4. Josh Burkman
  5. Brian Foster
  6. Steve Carl
  7. Dennis Hallman
  8. Neiman Gracie
  9. Tyler Stinson

I take WSOF by a mile in this division.  Douglas Lima is a standout, but he is really it in Bellator’s 170 division.  WSOF has a veteran heavy group of welterweights who are proven.  Bellator took a hit losing Askren.


  • Bellator
  1. Alexander Shlemenko
  2. Brett Cooper
  3. Brandon Halsey
  4. Doug Marshall
  5. Brian Rogers
  6. Brennan Ward
  7. Ben Reiter
  • World Series of Fighting
  1. Yushin Okami
  2. Dave Branch
  3. Jesse Taylor
  4. Elvis Mutapcic
  5. Krasimir Mladenov

Let’s call this a DRAW.  I think that is fair.  If you forced me to lean one way, I may go WSOF, but it really is close.

Light Heavyweight:

  • Bellator
  1. Emmanuel Newton
  2. Rampage Jackson
  3. King Mo Lawal
  4. Tito Ortiz
  5. Atilla Vegh
  6. Mikhail Zayats
  7. Joey Beltran
  8. Phelipe Lins
  9. Liam McGeary
  10. Ramaeu Sokoudjou
  • World Series of Fighting
  1. Tyrone Spong
  2. Jake Heun
  3. Mike Kyle
  4. Kendrick Miree
  5. Rony Markes
  6. Nick Penner
  7. Angel DeAnda
  8. Dwayne Lewis
  9. D.J. Linderman

While WSOF has a few solid pieces, WSOF has a better division.  Bellator’s division is name heavy more than talent heavy.  I really do not think there are any of these guys that could compete in UFC, Tyrone Spong not withstanding.


  • Bellator
  1. Vitaly Minakov
  2. Alexander Volkov
  3. Raphael Butler
  4. Blagoi Ivanov
  5. Cheick Kongo
  6. Ryan Martinez
  7. Dmitriy Sosnovskiy
  • World Series of Fighting
  1. Smealinho Rama
  2. Steve Mocco
  3. Tim Hague

I go Bellator here pretty easily.  Rama is a nice piece.  Mocco could be a better prospect than he has shown.  Minakov is just really, really good.  I think he could be one of the best fighters on Bellator’s whole roster.  Don’t forget though, WSOF has the world’s number one female strawweight in Jessica Aguilar.

I would say on paper Bellator has a slight edge.  They have more ranked fighters.  However, WSOF is establishing itself talent wise.  They have a growing roster.  Bellator has struggled to get fresh talent and prospects.  WSOF hasn’t.  Now, that could all change under the new Bellator regime.  But what I am suggesting is that the talent gap is very small.  Bellator has  a larger roster, but WSOF has as many prospects and more solid veterans.

In the end, it is the fighter roster that builds a promotion.  While, I certainly do not know the ins and outs of WSOF”s bank account, I do know they make solid roster additions.  They pay their fighters well (even more than UFC sometimes).  They seem to be a popular landing spot for free agents.  I think they continue to be  a player for a while.

UFC Hall of Fame…Who Should Be In?

It appears that UFC is going to induct former welterweight champion and famed trainer Pat Miletich into the UFC Hall of Fame.  This brings up the question of who else should be in the UFC Hall of Fame.  I think there are some notable omissions, or at least some deserving inductees.

Election to the UFC is pretty subjective.  It really is in other sports, but there is better criteria.  For example, there used to be marks in baseball that all but assured you went to the Hall of Fame. 3,000 career hits.  300 career win.  500 career home runs.  3,000 career strikeouts.  Maybe there could be some set number of career UFC wins or finishes that gets you considered.  However, in baseball, the sports writers have the vote.  I think the UFC should let the media vote for the Hall of Fame.  I think they should select a panel of media members and let them vote for Hall of Fame each year.


  • Jeff Blatnic – Gold medal wrestler who worked from UFC 4 to UFC 32 as a commentator.  Is credited with coining the term “MMA”.  In my opinion, he would have been the most logical induction to the UFC Hall of Fame today.
  • Campbell Mclaren – UFC founder who was a part f early decision making for the sport
  • Rorion Gracie – Really the inventor of MMA as we know it, or at least UFC
  • Art Davie – UFC co-founder, who was instrumental in the early days
  • John McCarthy – It might be taboo to induct an active referee into the UFC Hall of Fame, but Big John was prominent in developing the sport of Mixed Martial arts.  He was a fixture at every UFC event for a long, long time.  He is certainly deserving one day.
  • Dana White – I know, I know he is polarizing.  I know people love to hate him.  I know this probably needs to happen after he steps away as UFC president, but no one has had more impact on the sport
  • Frank and Lorenzo Fertita – They were the ones willing to risk millions for the sport to make it.  Their impact is maybe not give the attention is deserves
  • Bruce Buffer – Since day one Buffer has been the voice of the octagon.  He is a lock hall of famer
  • Mike Goldberg – He is not my favorite commentator, but he has been a big part of the UFC for many years
  • Joe Rogan – Rogan has also been with UFC for a long time.  He is more of a lock than Goldberg for the HOF.\

Fighters From the Early Day…

  • Frank Shamrock – Probably the most deserving of the early days guys and the most notable omission in the UFC Hall of Fame.  Personal issues between him and Dana White may hinder this from ever becoming reality.
  • Bas Rutten – He was a big deal when he came into the UFC.  His record is not stellar in UFC, but he really is a legend
  • Evan Tanner – He wasn’t necessarily an all time great, but he was a former champion.

Fighters From PRIDE

Note:  I don’t know how much Zuffa would factor PRIDE careers into the Zuffa Hall of Fame, but they should.  PRIDE was a big part of the sport and while it wasn’t always Zuffa owned, the PRIDE library and fighters were sort of Zuffa adopted.  I hope UFC considers this…

  • Kazushi Sakuraba
  • Igor  Vovchanchyn
  • Wanderlei Silva
  • Mirko Cro Cop
  • Fedor Emelianenko
  • Takanori Gomi

Modern UFC Fighters

  • B.J. Penn
  • Georges St. Pierre
  • Anderson Silva
  • Rich Franklin
  • Jon Jones
  • Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira
  • Dan Henderson
  • Vitor Belfort
  • Shogun Rua
  • Lyoto Machida
  • Urijah Faber
  • Ronda Rousey
  • Brock Lesnar
  • Rampage Jackson
  • Rashad Evans

Budding Hall of Famers

  • Cain Velasquez
  • Junior Dos Santos
  • Chris Weidman
  • Anthony Pettis
  • Jose Aldo
  • Renan Barao
  • Demetrious Johnson
  • Ben Henderson
  • Johny Hendricks
  • Gilbert Melendez

Borderline Hall of Fame (Hall of Very Good)

  • Josh Koscheck
  • Jon Fitch
  • Chael Sonnen…do PED’s keep him out?
  • Chris Leben
  • Yushin Okami
  • Diego Sanchez
  • Nick Diaz
  • Antonio Rogerio Nogueira
  • Josh Barnett…see Chael Sonnen
  • Shane Carwin
  • Matt Serra
  • Thiago Alves
  • Yves Edwards
  • Josh Thomson
  • Chad Mendes



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