MMA Rumors Edition 1

Each week you will be able to scope out MMA rumors on MMA Sun. I will post several things I have heard from the grapevine. I cannot guarantee that any of these rumors will come to fruition nor am I reporting them as “news”, but I am saying I heard something about it…

  • UFC does have plans for their women’s division post-UFC 157.  The ideal is still Cris Cyborg, but if she is not willing to make 135 pounds, it will most likely be Miesha Tate.  Not only will Rousey be booked for another fight, but a top contender fight will be booked as well.  Expect Cat Zingano and Sara McMann.
  • TUF Brazil 2 is well underway.  The first season set the bar high in every way.  This season will not be as stacked with talent, but I do know some of the cast and there are a few gems.
  • Speaking of TUF, it may not really be rumor at this point, but UFC will really be pushing TUF as a way to expand into international markets.  TUF India is confirmed.   Dana White said TUF Canada would come in 2013, but the rumor I am hearing suggests that it could be a Canada vs. Australia.  There had been rumors of a TUF U.K.   Also, they are working on TUF China, Indonesia and Mexico.
  • UFC had originally planned on having small regional shows in Japan four times in 2013, it looks unlikely for 2013.
  • UFC will be in Russia in 2013 and no Fedor will not be on the card.
  • I heard a rumbling of a welterweight fight between Tarec Saffiedine and Martin Kampmann for UFC Sweden II.  That would be a solid co-main event for a FUEL card.
  • Bellator and UFC are having some fights behind the scenes that no one else knows about and probably never will.  Basically, Bellator is very strict on the contract details.  They don’t mind releasing guys, but they don’t want to release guy and then have them sign with Zuffa.   They have blocked and even sued several fighters who have tried (See Eddie Alvarez, Roger Hollet and Jonathan Brookins)
  • This could be the last U.S. season of the Ultimate Fighter.  The changes coming to FX and the creation of Fox Sports 1 and 2 certainly compicate things.  The UFC thought moving to a better time slot on Tuesday night would increase rating and it really hasn’t.  Even having big star coaches like Jon Jones and Chael Sonnen and a better and more talented cast have not helped ratings.  UFC will have something else if they can TUF.  Also, they see TUF as a gateway into other countries and a great way to bring international talent into the UFC with a solid fan base.
  • Again, may not be “rumor”, but UFC is not going to stay in business with Rampage Jackson

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