Weekend MMA Notes

This weekend didn’t feature in UFC action, but there was plenty of MMA.  Most notably  were the Resurrection Fighting card and the World Series of Fighting card.


  • Lloyd Woodard lost to Dave Courchaine via split decision on March 22nd
  • Olympic gold medalist and elite flyweight prospect, Henry Cejudo moved to 2-0
  • Julio Cesar Neves moved to 21-0
  • MMA Sun prospect Andreas Stahl (WW) moved to 8-0 and bantamweight prospect Emil Hartsner moved to 4-0 at Heroes Fighting in Sweden
  • Korean PRIDE veteran Mu Bae Choi fought and won this weekend as did Dong Sik Yoon



2 Responses to Weekend MMA Notes

  1. Andreas Ståhl is a teammate of Tor Troeng and will probably be in the UFC this year. From what i heard he is a first replacement for the UFC Stockholm event. Emil Hartsner are going to the TUF tryouts in Vegas next month and also Pannie “Banzai” Kianzad (3-0) will try out for the females class. Yosef Ali Mohammed fought at the Heroes event and is now 2-0. Great prospect that have a karate and bjj background, moves like a lightweight in the ring. Sirwan Kakai will probably move to flyweight and go straight to the UFC and not through TUF.

  2. Jason says:

    Thanks for the info. Good stuff.

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