Who Is Next For Jon Jones?

What is next for Jon Jones. He is now the most dominant light heavyweight of all time. He has blown through tough competition in impressive fashion. Who should he fight next. There are three options out there and none of them are a secret.

1. Alexander Gustafsson – This is the fight Jones says he wants. This is also the fight that a lot of fans think makes most sense. Gustafsson is deserving of a title shot no doubt, but I am not as optimistic on his chances to beat Jon Jones. Remember, “The Mauler” got anaconda choked by Phil Davis? I still think his reach and solid all around game make him intriguing and certainly one of the two biggest threats to Jones. This is most likely next.

2. Daniel Cormier – Cormier has spoken of a drop to 205 and Cormier vs. anyone is intriguing. Does Cormier have the skills to beat Jones? Can he put Jones on his back? Can he hit Jones hard? I think this is possible eventually, but Cormier has said if he drops to 205 he wants a fight first. I still hear a lot of chatter about Cormier fighting heavyweights like Roy Nelson. This could happen, but I don’t think the time is here.

3. Lyoto Machida – Okay, Machida may have won a round against Jones. That may be the selling point here. Machida has been promised a title shot, but neither he nor Jones seem to excited about the idea. I just don’t know that I want to see Machida get slept again by Jones. I just don’t see the point of this fight. I would guess due to the lack of buzz from the fans for this re-match this is option number 3 at best.

There are others guys with some momentum that could be future opponents. Maybe a guy like Glove Teixeira or even Jimi Manuwa down the road could be a contender. I would guess that by that time Jones will have moved to heavyweight and won that belt.


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