All-TIme Rankings: The Heavyweights

All Time Heavyweight Rankings

Rank Name
1 Cain Velasquez
2 Fedor Emelianenko
3 Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira
4 Junior Dos Santos
5 Mirko Cro Cop
6 Randy Couture
7 Mark Coleman
8 Josh Barnett
9 Frank Mir
10 Brock Lesnar
11 Tim Sylvia
12 Andrei Arlovski
13 Bad Rutten
14 Igor Vovanchyn
15 Dan Severn
16 Fabricio Werdum
17 Ken Shamrock
18 Shane Carwin
19 Antonio Silva
20 Pedro Rizzo
21 Alistair Overeem
22 Daniel Cormier
23 Mark Hunt
24 Ricco Rodriguez
25 Kevin Randleman

Perhaps no other divisions all-time ranking list is more disputed than the heavyweights.  That is due in large part to a man named, Fedor Emelianenko.  PRIDE fans would argue that he is the best heavyweight ever.  However, he never fought in the UFC.  UFC fans might argue that Fedor never consistently fought the top people in the world.  I would suggest he fought the best available at the time.  So much of the debate over the rankings is really about whether current UFC Heavyweight champion Cain Velasquez is the best heavyweight ever or is former PRIDE champion Fedor Emelianenko.  I went with Cain.  Here is why:  First, I think that in a head to head match up in their prime Cain easily beats Fedor.  I understand there is no way to test that, but I think Cain is a more evolved MMA fighter than Fedor.  Second, I think Cain’s trajectory is still being determined.  Cain has time left to solidify this ranking.  I think with a few more wins, the debate will be minimal.  Let me here your argument for number 1, or any notable omissions or arguments about placement.


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