15 Japanese Fighters For UFC To Look At

The UFC has been signing some Japanese fighters lately which may indicate a harder push into the Asian market.  The Japanese fight scene has changed over the years.  The number of prospects isn’t what it used to be.  It seems a lot of guys on the Asian circuit beat each other up.  However, there are a few guys of note.  Here are 15 guys that Sean Shelby and Joe Silva should look at.  We really didn’t take into account some of the more established veterans in Japan.

Rank Name Weight Class Record
1 Michinori Tanaka Bantamweight  9-0
2 Rin Nakai Women’s BW 15-0
3 Satoshi Ishii Heavyweight 10-2
4 Yuta Sasaki Bantamweight 14-1
5 Isao Kobayashi Lightweight 14-1
6 Hidenobu Izena Flyweight 6-0
7 Kleber Erbst Featherweight 12-3
8 Yoshiyuki Nakanishi middleweight 13-3
9 Masahito Hisataka Featherweight 6-0
10 Nobutatsu Suzuki Welterweight 10-1
11 Ken Hasegawa Light Heavyweight 7-0
12 Yasutaka Koga Flyweight 8-1
13 Akihito Ishihara Bantamweight 6-1
14 Koichi Ishizuka Bantamweight 7-1
15 Yusuke Kasuya Lightweight 8-1

One Response to 15 Japanese Fighters For UFC To Look At

  1. Chris27 says:

    What about Yamagami? He is the 115 pound champ and hasnt fought in a year but I believe he is moving to 125. He wouldnt be a bad signing to see how he does at Flyweight.

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