MMA Sun 2014 Prospect Spotlight: The Flyweights Recap

The flyweight division is THE most exciting division in MMA.  However, it is also THE worst draw for fans.  For some reason the smaller guys just have not resonated with the casual fans.  However, there is an abundance of talent already in the UFC and as we have shown in our Prospect Spotlight there is plenty more talent on the rise.

After each weight classes’ prospects have been revealed we will have a recap to explain some of our logic and also include some that just missed our list.

  1. Leandro Higo
  2. Henry Cejudo
  3. Pietro Menga
  4. Alexandre Pantoja
  5. Sean Santella
  6. Marcin Lasota
  7. Nick Urso
  8. Mikihito Yamagami
  9. Alex Sandoval
  10. Louis Smolka

A lot of the questions about ranking had to do with why U.S. Olympic Gold medalist Henry Cejudo was #2 and not #1.  The reason for that is that he has so much going on in life right now.  For so many of these guys their MMA career means everything to them.  For Cejudo, I am sure he wants to do well at a high level, but he does not need the money or the fame.  At some point I believe that will be a factor for Cejudo’s career.

As we watched video on these fighters there were a few that really stood out  and excited us.  To be honest, it made me re-think where we ranked guys.  However, the fighters that most excited me were Louis Smolka, Marcin Lasota and Pietro Menga.   I did not want to make a comparison to current fighters for every one of my prospects, but I believe that the Smolka-Joe Lauzon comparison and the Menga-Anthony Pettis comparison were fitting.  Keep an eye on those 3 guys especially.

Now, for the guys that just missed…

1.  Lincoln de Sa –  We probably could have made a case for De Sa.  In fact, he may be one win away from the UFC.  The problem is that his next fight is against our #4 prospect Alexandre Pantoja.

2. Takeshi Kasugai – I almost put him in my top 10.  He is 25 years old with a 13-2 career record.  I would not be surprised if he is in UFC before any of the guys above.  He just picked up a HUGE win over Fumihiro Kitahara.  He is a very effective grappler.

3. Robson Souza – The 5-0 “Robson New” has impressed in his career so far.  Fighting for Jungle Fight is a HUGE advantage as that promotion seems to be a streamline to the UFC.  He also has shown to be a finisher.

4.  Matheus Pereira – The 20-year old Nova Uniao fighter is 7-1, with his sole loss coming to UFC veteran Pedro Nobre.  I think this kid has big upside and will probably be featured on next year’s list.

5. Giorgio Andrews –  One reason Andrews did not make the top 10 is his age.  At 38-years old his time is limited, but the London Shootfighters product has still shown to be a force on his way to a perfect 9-0 record.  Injuries have kept him on the sidelines recently.


2 Responses to MMA Sun 2014 Prospect Spotlight: The Flyweights Recap

  1. Chris says:

    I think Robson New was kicked out of Jungle Fight because he missed weight in his title fight.

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