MMA Sun Rumors – February 15th

  • I have on pretty good grounds that Scott Coker will re-enter the combat sports world in March.  When Zuffa purchased Strikeforce, Coker was contractually bound to Zuffa until March 2014.  He is coming up on free agency.  The word on the street is that both Glory and Bellator are involved.  Glory would make sense because of Coker’s kickboxing background.  However, I would not be surprised to see Coker involved in both Glory and Bellator in some capacity.  I have also heard World Series of Fighting is not ruled out.
  • UFC announced they were creating a UFC uniform.  The uniform deal will be with Under Armor.  Expect the deal to be announced at UFC 172 in Baltimore (Under Armor home).  The UA shorts will still allow select spots for fighters to land sponsorship.  This prevents Dennis Hallman situations and also will benefit fighters in the long run.  I also think it will benefit fighters in smaller promotions as bigger sponsors will go for them.  Also expect other promotions to follow suit with uniform idea.
  • UFC also announced they are taking applictions for TUF Latin America.  No tryout date or weight class was announced.  However, I can confirm that UFC already has a program in place to filter people into such a show.  A few years ago Zuffa started a program in conjunction with Jackson’s MMA in New Mexico to train Spanish speaking fighters.  There are several fighters in this program.  This program in unofficial.  When Zuffa was asked about it, they really avoid the question.  However, I can assure you that there are several fighters that Zuffa is paying to train at Jackson’s MMA in hopes of developing a star.  Augusto Montano, Gabriel Benitez and Guido Cannetti are some of the names in the program.  I think it is a great thing they do.
  • Not really a rumor any more, but as a part of UFC”s new deal with a TV network in Abu Dahbi they will not only have multiple live shows each year, but also  TUF series which will be announced soon.
  • Looks like UFC is targeting Japan in July and the Philippines in June or August.  Also, expect a second UFC card in China in 2014.
  • M-1 is making moves in Europe.  They are talking co-promotion with OneFC.   It is also reported that M-1 is willing to let guys leave to sign with UFC, despite previous reports.  They won’t however let guys go anywhere else.  OneFC tried to sign away Marat Gafurov and M-1 threatened them and now he is back in M-1.
  • Remember that WSOF challenge to Bellator?  It isn’t happening.  But don’t be surprised if we see some type of cross-promotion fights involving WSOF.  Andrew Simon of AxsTV loved the idea.  The idea of an all AxsTV (RFA, Legacy, MFC and BAMMA) vs. WSOF is very possible for late 2014.
  • Don’t expect Showtime back in the MMA business any time soon.  However, there is speculation about Titan FC.  They recently landed a deal with CBS Sports, which could be a natural progression to Showtime.  I heard they prefer Invicta.

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