The Ultimate Fighter Brazil Cast

Today, the UFC officially revealed the cast of the Ultimate Fighter Brazil 3.  There are a few interesting names.  I will give you the guys to watch and a few things to help you make predictions for the season.

There are some veterans on the show.  Vitor Miranda is a solid veteran, who I believe is the favorite to win the Heavyweight portion.  He is almost 35-years old though, so he is not exactly a prospect.  Bellator veteran Thiago Santos is on the show as well.  He is known for being kicked in the groin by Eric Prindle.  TUF Brazil 1 competitor Richardso “Rick Monstro” Moreira will get a second chance at his dream of reaching the UFC.  Strikeforce veteran Marcos Rogerio de Lima will also be featured.  Lima is best known for a win over Paulo Filho.

There are few notable prospects as well.  MMA Sun Prospect Spotlight featured Warlley Alves de Andrade as the number 5 welterweight prospect and Ricardo “Demente” Abreu as the number 5 middleweight prospect.  Those are the two biggest standouts. Also, Marcio Alexandre who is 12-0 is on our welterweight prospect list.  Jiu Jitsu ace Antonio Carlos Junior is a very good light heavyweight prospect, who I think is the sleeper to win.

If you are making fight picks or just want to impress your friends at a party I would pick from Miranda, Carlos, de Lima, and Moreira for your heavyweight finals.  I would also look to Warlley Alves, Ricardo Abreu, Marcio Alexandre, and maybe Wendell Oliveira to make the middleweight final.  Of course, there is often a sleeper, but I am thoroughly sold on Antonio Carlos Jr, for that role.

Cristiano Ribeiro Lopes Pontes (4-1)
Douglas Moura Silca (3-1)
Giuliano Brescianini Arante (5-1)
Guilherme Vasconcelos (3-1)
Ismael de Jesus (9-4-1)
Joilton Santos (9-2-1), 21 yrs old
Jose Roberto Rocha (5-0)
Marcio Alexandre Junior (12-0)
Markus Perez Echeimberg (3-0), 25 yrs old
Paulo Henrique Costa (3-0)
Pedro Paulino (3-0), 29 yrs old
Ricardo Abreu (4-0), 29 yrs old
Wagner Silva Gomes (3-0)
Warlley Alves Andrade (6-0), 23 yrs old
Wendell Oliveira Marques (23-7), 30 yrs old
Willian Steindorf (3-0), 24 yrs old
Alexandre Machado (6-1)
Antonio Carlos Junior (3-0), 23 yrs old
Antonio Paulo Branjao (3-0), 25 yrs old
Bruno Silva (9-4), 24 yrs old
Edgard Castaldelli Filho (12-4)
Everton Rocha (3-1), 31 yrs old
Felipe Diego Dantas de Oliveira (6-0), 30 yrs old
Fernando Camoles (4-1), 28 yrs old
Goncalo Salgado (7-2)
Guilherme Viana (4-1)
Job Kleber Melo (3-1)
Jollyson Francisco Sosaleta (2-0-2), 30 yrs old
Marcos Rogerio Lima (11-2-1), 28 yrs old
Richardson Moreira (7-1), 29 yrs old
Thiago Santos (11-3-1), 27 yrs old
Vitor Miranda (9-3), 35 yrs old


2 Responses to The Ultimate Fighter Brazil Cast

  1. jeremy says:

    good names, but i still miss a lot of good fighters of the Brazilian circuit

  2. nazarov says:

    i miss some names, mostly Andre Chatuba, Aldo Uda and the former training partner of Rampage Wendres black Godzilla on this TUF

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