MMA Sun Prospects In Action This Weekend (March 21-23)

Here are some of MMA Sun’s Prospects who are in action this weekend…

Sergei Kharitonov vs. Tyler East (#16 HW) Prospect – Tech Krep FC – 3/21
Niklas Backstrom (#12 FW Prospect) vs. Max Coga (#42 FW Prospect) – EuropaMMA 1 – 3/22
Andrew Todhunter (#39 MW Prospect) vs. Art Parker – Legacy FC 29 – 3/21
Pietro Menga (#3 Fly Prospect) vs. Sotir Kichukov Full Contact Contender 9 – 3/22
Nicolas Dalby (#1 WW Prospect) vs. Sergei Churilov – Cage Warriors 66 – 3/22
Mohsen Bahari (#28 WW Prospect) vs. Bruno Caravalho – Cage Warriors 66 – 3/22
Toni Tauru (#39 BW Prospect) vs. Martin Akhtar – Cage Warriors 66 – 3/22
Anzor Azhiev (#26 FW Prospect) vs. Artur Sowinksi – KSW 26 – 3/22
Michal Materla (#9 MW Prospect) vs. Jay Silva – KSW 26 – 3/22
Paul Felder (#49 LW Prospecr) vs. Marc Stevens – CFFC 33 – 3/22
Artur Rofi (#24 FW prospect) vs. Mike Pope -CFFC 33 – 3/22

A few of those fights stand out. One is the Backstrom vs. Coga fight. I would imagine that there is a good chance that the winner of that fight gets a UFC call. Maybe even more likely if Coga wins, since UFC is going to his native Germany soon. Our top welterweight Nicolas Dalby returns to action also. Tyler East comes off of a long lay off, looking for a signature win over Sergei Kharitonov. One of our favorite flyweights, Pietro Menga fights also, expect UFC to sign him if he wins.


One Response to MMA Sun Prospects In Action This Weekend (March 21-23)

  1. My Pro record is now 6-0 my amateur record was 7-0. Thank you for the post Andrew Todhunter.

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