Who Has The Better Roster…Bellator or World Series of Fighting

We know that UFC is the premiere organization in MMA.  Their roster is by far superior to any other.  If we start talking about tier two, we have Bellator and World Series of Fighting.  There are other things that factor in to a MMA promotion’s success such as TV deals, sponsorship, ratings, live gate numbers, etc. I want to look strictly from a roster point of view.  Which MMA promotion has the second best roster.  Right off that bat we have been somewhat conditioned to say Bellator.  They are Viacom owned, on Spike TV, pull fairly good numbers from time to time.  However, hos much better, if any is their fighter roster than World Series of Fighting.  Let’s break it down division by division.


Female Strawweight

  • World Series of Fighting
  1. Jessica Aguilar
  2. Emi Fujino
  3. Alida Gray
  • Bellator
  1. N/A


  • Bellator:
  1. Eduardo Dantas
  2. Joe Warren
  3. Marcos Galvao
  4. Rafael Silva
  5. Mike Richman
  • World Series of Fighting:
  1. Marlon Moraes
  2. Tyson Nam
  3. Sheymon Moraes
  4. Timur Valiev
  5. Josh Hill
  6. Bryson Hansen

Most people would say Bellator over WSOF here, but I disagree.  Dantas lost to Tyson Nam, who is in WSOF.  Plus, WSOF has Marlon Moraes and Sheymon Moraes.  Bellator’s bantamweight division is old.  I take World Series of Fighting’s bantamweight division here.


  • Bellator
  1. Pat Curran
  2. Patricio Pitbull
  3. Daniel Straus
  4. Frodo Khasbulaev
  5. Darrion Caldwell
  6. Bubba Jenkins
  7. Julio Cesar Neves
  8. Shahbulat Shamalaev
  9. Shannon Slack
  10. Goiti Yamauchi
  • World Series of Fighting
  1. Rick Glenn
  2. George Karakhanyan
  3. Lance Palmer
  4. Fredy Assuncao
  5. Chris Gruetzmacher
  6. Cody Bollinger
  7. Nick Lobosco
  8. Artur Rofi

This is a close head to head, but I give it to Bellator here because of the strong combination of Pitbull, Curran and Straus.  However, I do think Glenn, Karakhanyan and Palmer would be very competitive in Bellator’s featherweight division.  (Note: Karakhanyan fought for Bellator, but I think he is much improved).


  • Bellator
  1. Eddie Alvarez
  2. Michael Chandler
  3. Will Brooks
  4. Dave Jansen
  5. Marcin Held
  6. Saad Awad
  7. Patricky Pitbull
  8. David Rickels
  9. Alexander Sarnavskiy
  • World Series of Fighting
  1. Justin Gaethje
  2. Nick Newell
  3. Melvin Guillard
  4. JZ Cavalcante
  5. Luiz Firmino
  6. Johnny Nunez
  7. Ozzy Dugulubgov

Really an easy pick here.  I take Bellator’s lightweight division.  WSOF has Gaethje, Newell and Guillard who maybe could beat any in Bellator, but the Bellator trio of Alvarez, Chandler and Brooks are higher ranked.  Where Bellator pulls away for me is with guys like Marcin Held.  They just have more good lightweights.  However, I do consider Gaethje elite.


  • Bellator
  1. Douglas Lima
  2. Andrey Koreshkov
  3. Rick Hawn
  4. War Machine
  5. Adam McDonough
  6. Michael Page
  • World Series of Fighting
  1. Rousimar Palhares
  2. Jon Fitch
  3. Jake Shields
  4. Josh Burkman
  5. Brian Foster
  6. Steve Carl
  7. Dennis Hallman
  8. Neiman Gracie
  9. Tyler Stinson

I take WSOF by a mile in this division.  Douglas Lima is a standout, but he is really it in Bellator’s 170 division.  WSOF has a veteran heavy group of welterweights who are proven.  Bellator took a hit losing Askren.


  • Bellator
  1. Alexander Shlemenko
  2. Brett Cooper
  3. Brandon Halsey
  4. Doug Marshall
  5. Brian Rogers
  6. Brennan Ward
  7. Ben Reiter
  • World Series of Fighting
  1. Yushin Okami
  2. Dave Branch
  3. Jesse Taylor
  4. Elvis Mutapcic
  5. Krasimir Mladenov

Let’s call this a DRAW.  I think that is fair.  If you forced me to lean one way, I may go WSOF, but it really is close.

Light Heavyweight:

  • Bellator
  1. Emmanuel Newton
  2. Rampage Jackson
  3. King Mo Lawal
  4. Tito Ortiz
  5. Atilla Vegh
  6. Mikhail Zayats
  7. Joey Beltran
  8. Phelipe Lins
  9. Liam McGeary
  10. Ramaeu Sokoudjou
  • World Series of Fighting
  1. Tyrone Spong
  2. Jake Heun
  3. Mike Kyle
  4. Kendrick Miree
  5. Rony Markes
  6. Nick Penner
  7. Angel DeAnda
  8. Dwayne Lewis
  9. D.J. Linderman

While WSOF has a few solid pieces, WSOF has a better division.  Bellator’s division is name heavy more than talent heavy.  I really do not think there are any of these guys that could compete in UFC, Tyrone Spong not withstanding.


  • Bellator
  1. Vitaly Minakov
  2. Alexander Volkov
  3. Raphael Butler
  4. Blagoi Ivanov
  5. Cheick Kongo
  6. Ryan Martinez
  7. Dmitriy Sosnovskiy
  • World Series of Fighting
  1. Smealinho Rama
  2. Steve Mocco
  3. Tim Hague

I go Bellator here pretty easily.  Rama is a nice piece.  Mocco could be a better prospect than he has shown.  Minakov is just really, really good.  I think he could be one of the best fighters on Bellator’s whole roster.  Don’t forget though, WSOF has the world’s number one female strawweight in Jessica Aguilar.

I would say on paper Bellator has a slight edge.  They have more ranked fighters.  However, WSOF is establishing itself talent wise.  They have a growing roster.  Bellator has struggled to get fresh talent and prospects.  WSOF hasn’t.  Now, that could all change under the new Bellator regime.  But what I am suggesting is that the talent gap is very small.  Bellator has  a larger roster, but WSOF has as many prospects and more solid veterans.

In the end, it is the fighter roster that builds a promotion.  While, I certainly do not know the ins and outs of WSOF”s bank account, I do know they make solid roster additions.  They pay their fighters well (even more than UFC sometimes).  They seem to be a popular landing spot for free agents.  I think they continue to be  a player for a while.


One Response to Who Has The Better Roster…Bellator or World Series of Fighting

  1. WSOF won’t be around for a while. They bleed money and are run by idiots. How else can you explain letting a white power guy on NBC?! Affliction and EliteXC also paid some fighters more than UFC and see what happened to them. The good news is that Bellator’s contracts are so hideous, that any decent prospect will avoid them. So WSOF has an advantage as a pathway to UFC. Oh, and don’t bring up Aguilar. She already has on foot out the door to UFC. But then again, so does Eddie Alvarez and anyone decent in Bellator. WSOF probably has the better roster though.

    The mma business outside of UFC stinks. I heard Coker was brought in to clean house so Viacom could dump it. WSOF bleeds money. I don’t expect either to be around in a few years. UFC, like WWE, will start assimilating promotions on Fight Pass.

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