MMA Sun 2015 Prospect Spotlight Introduction

We are excited to start unveiling our 2015 Prospect Spotlight. 2014’s list was quite a success. The Prospect Spotlight drew great interest among our readers. Also, the list was a success in terms of seeing the featured fighters sign to UFC. Out of the 90 fighters we featured in 2014, 33 of them have since signed with the UFC. Also, a handful of fighters have been picked up by promotions like Bellator, World Series of Fighting and OneFC. I would also add that the remaining unsigned fighters are still doing quite well and are on UFC’s current radar.
This year’s prospects are filled with some elite talent that will make an impact on the biggest stages. I have poured through hundreds of prospects, fight videos and other fighter information to narrow the list to ten fighters from each division. In order to establish such a list we developed some criteria that we would follow.

1. Fighter could not have ever fought in UFC, Bellator, WSOF or OneFC
2. Fighter had to be under 33 years old
3. Fighter could not have been featured on MMA Sun’s 2014 Prospect Spotlight

As we debut each weight class, we will also begin with a “Just Missed” article which will mention the five fighters who just missed being on the list. In some cases argument could be made to having any of those five fighters within the top ten.

Stay tuned on Monday for the start of the 2015 Prospect Spotlight.


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