MMA Sun 2015 Prospect Spotlight – The Flyweights – 5 Who Just Missed Our Top Ten

As we began a search for flyweights, we found that this was still a developing weight class.  There are several factors in this division.  One trend that we noticed is that a fighter’s record may not tell the whole story.  Many flyweights had recently competed above their natural weight class due to a lack of opportunities at flyweight.  With this UFC instituting this division, we are seeing more and more flyweight emerge.  This is also a place where we see places like Japan really represent more.  We came up with our top ten flyweight prospects, but these five just missed the mark…

  1. Robson Souza

Robson missed our list not based on talent.  I have a feeling he could be a top-5ish among our flyweights.  However, he really has not done well making the 125-pound mark.  It is quite possible his future resides at bantamweight (135 lbs).  For that reason, we left him out of our top ten flyweights.  The fighter dubbed “Robson New” boasts a 7-0 career mark.  He had previously competed under the Jungle Fight banner, but due to missing weight, his status with the promotion is uncertain.  Robson is 25-years old, but has fights on his resume from when he was 16-years old.  Which brings up another question: why has he been so inactive in those 9 years of fighting?   Robson is a talented fighter, who has shown to be dangerous, especially in top position.  However, it seems that the greatest questions surrounding him are not his abilities.

2. Matt Manzaneres

Manzaneres is a former RFA champion, who appeared to be one win away from the UFC prior to his recent loss to Alexandre Pantoja.  I still think Manzaneres could compete in the UFC, but he has been somewhat inconsistent.  I do not feel he has lived up to his capabilities.  Matt is 28-years old and has a career record of 7-3.  I would think he would need to put together a nice win streak to regain the UFC’s attention.  Manzaneres is a BJJ purple belt hailing from the state of Wyoming.  He also has competed some in boxing, including competing in the Junior Olympics in boxing.  Matt has skills everywhere the fight may go, including a fairly active guard off his back.  I really think that for him to get to the next level he is going to have to make some decisions about where he trains and who he trains with.

3. Nick Honstein

Honstein is a guy that I really struggled to leave off of my top ten list.  Skill wise he may very well be able to beat some within the top ten.  He is the CFFC flyweight champion.  He holds a very good win over 2014 MMA Sun flyweight prospect Sean Santella.  He recently signed and debuted with the Titan Fighting Championship.  His debut was against UFC veteran Pedro Nobre.  I thought Honstein clearly won that fight, but Nobre got a split decision victory.  That loss really derailed some of his momentum.  Honstein is just 27-years old so he certainly has time to improve and get to the UFC.

  4. Malcolm Gordon

24-year old Malcolm Gordon is a name to watch.  He isn’t ready for the big time yet, but his time may come.  Gordon would have been on my top ten if it were not for a recent loss to Randy Turner.  Gordon is young and very talented.  It was not long ago and UFC needed a very late replacement flyweight to fight Paddy Holohan in Canada.  I as quite surprised that they did not call Gordon.  It may be a blessing in disguise for him.  Gordon showed he has some things to work on before he takes on UFC fighters.

5. Chris Miah

The 22-year old English fighter is another guy who will certainly be climbing people’s radar.  Miah is 5-0 as a professional and has shown steady improvement.  I have heard several people tout him as one to watch.  Miah seems like one who has a knack for finishing as he has ended 4 of his 5 fights before the judges could give their verdict.  Miah like many regional fighters may need to  start holding training camps and bigger gyms, but until then he is a prospect worth keeping an eye on.


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