The Ultimate Fighter 23 Cast

I can’t say that this is the official cast, but if you are looking for who made the cast of 32 fighters vying for a chance to get into the Ultimate Fighter house for season 23, this is a good place to look.

The cast is made up of 16 light heavyweights and 16 female strawweight fighters. The show is set to air on Fox Sports 1 in April.

Women’s Strawweight:
• Jodie Esquibel (5-1)
• Ashley Cummins (3-3)
• Ashley Yoder (4-1)
• JJ Aldrich (2-1)
• Amanda Bobby Cooper (1-1)
• Tatiana Suarez (1-0)
• Kristi Lopez (2-0)
• Jamie Moyle (3-1)
• Amy Montengro (7-2)
• Helen Harper (4-1)
• Kate Jackson (7-2-1)
• Mellony Geujes (0-1)
• Lanchana Green (0-1)
• Alyssa Khran (3-1)
• Chelsea Bailey (2-0)
• Irene Cabello (6-2)

Light Heavyweight:
• Phil Hawes (3-0)
• Andrew Sanchez (7-2)
• Khalil Rountree (4-0)
• Elias Urbina (3-0)
• Abdel Medjedoub (3-0)
• Marcel Fortuna (8-1)
• Jamelle Jones (6-2)
• Cory Henrdicks (3-0)
• Norman Paraisy (15-4-2)
• Myron Dennis (11-4)
• Eric Spicely (8-0)
• Mo De’Reese (5-0)
• John Paul Elias (3-0)
• Trevor Carlson (10-2)
• Josh Stansbury (7-2)
• Ken Bergh (2-0)

The cast is made up of some familiar names. TUF fans may be familiar with the names Josh Stansbury (season 19) and Norman Paraisy (season 11) as both get a second chance on the reality show. Also, UFC fans may notice the brother of current UFC fighter Hector Urbina (Elias) on the cast. Previously, the brother’s of UFC fighters have nor faired well on TUF as 5 UFC siblings had chances on TUF and only 1 even made the house (Browning, Evans, Guida, Miller & Diaz). Also of note, CES middleweight champion Eric Spicely and RFA Middleweight champion Andrew Sanchez. Also pay attention to Anderson Silva’s training partner Khalil Rountree and super prospect Phil Hawes.


3 Responses to The Ultimate Fighter 23 Cast

  1. Charles says:

    JASON, why don’t have Sharon Jacobson 4-1 on your list. She as beaten Jamie Moyle (3-1) and would probably beat any of the 16 you have on this list. I heard she participated in the tryout. The only possible issue is her competing in the Olympic trails. If you have any information, I would greatly appreciate it. Also, I have not seen much discussion on all the women who participated in the tryout. At TUF 18 and 20 there was way more media reports on the fighters.

  2. sporty94 says:

    Why not have any Brits in the Light-Heavyweight

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