TUF 24 Partial Cast

The Ultimate Fighter 24 is a unique set up.  It will be cast composed of all flyweights, with the winner being promised a title shot against champion, Demetrious Johnson.  The UFC reportedly sought out the champions of other organizations to fight on the show.

Not long ago, UFC developed a list of potential cast members and flew some of those fighters out to Las Vegas.  With about 35 people on this list, Sean Shelby and staff had the difficult job of getting that number down to 16.

Some potential cast members were not able to go because their promotion would not give them a release, however, the cast still boasts some great names.

Here are the names I know are on:

  1. Tim Elliott – 13-6-1 – Elliott is the clear favorite to win the show.  He fought high level guys in his time in the UFC.  The current TitanFC champion will be a tough opponent for anyone.
  2. Damacio Page – 19-10 – The WEC and UFC veteran has a ton of experience  I don’t know if he can win the show, but he will be fun to watch.  The LegacyFC champion usually brings exciting fights.
  3. Louis Gaudinot – 8-4- Gaudinot is also a UFC veteran, who had good moments in his time there, but also had times where he did not look great.  He has a win over bantamweight contender John Lineker, but also a loss to Tim Elliott.  Gaudinot enters as the CFFC champion.
  4. Nkazimulo Zulu –  8-2- Zulu is the champion of EFC in South Africa.  I would not see him as a real contender mainly because he has not fought that high of level.
  5. Alexandre Pantoja -16-2 – The RFA champ comes on with a win over Damacio Page in his most recent outing.  He is always a dangerous submission threat and is really tough.  I would not be surprised to see him in the finals.
  6. Matt Lozano – 7-3 – Lozano has experience in both WSOF and Bellator, but would be a betting long shot to win.
  7. Matt Schnell – 10-2 – The Interim Legacy Flyweight champion with some reality TV show experience can be a real dark horse.  He has continued to improve in his career.  I wouldn’t pick him to win, but if given the right match ups he could surprise some people
  8. Iuri Bejenari – 4-1 – The Shock n’ Awe champion hails from France.  He is probably going to be the oldest (34) and least experienced cast member.  I think he was aided in selection by being a IMMAF champion in 2015, and UFC’s partnership with IMMAF may have helped him.
  9. Adam Antolin – 11-3 – The Tachi champion is decent, but he is not a long term prospect.  Ar 34, I don’t expect a whole lot.


Guys that I cannot confirm, but think they may be on…

  1. Kairat Akhemtov – 22-0 – He is the One champion.  I heard from reliable people he was on the short list, but have a hard time seeing One letting their champion go.
  2. Brandon Moreno – WFF
  3. Bruno Menezes – JungeFC
  4. Hiromasa Ogikubo – Shooto
  5. Yuki Motoya – DEEP
  6. Hector Alex Sandoval – Global KO
  7. Jinel Lausa – PXC

Name I have heard, but am leaning towards not being in…

  1. Austin Ryan
  2. Hector Alex Sandoval
  3. Jarred Brooks
  4. Josh Rave
  5. Terrance Mitchell
  6. Yoni Sherbatov
  7. Min Jong Song

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