Fighting Is In Our DNA: Siblings of UFC Fighters Who Could Get to the UFC

There have been several sets of siblings fight in the UFC.  I expect that more will come.  We take a look at what siblings of UFC fighters could eventually join their brothers on the UFC’s roster.


  1. Abubakar Nurmagomedov – 12-1 – 26 years old

He is the most likely to join  Khabib in the UFC.  He is not technically or biologically a brother…he is a cousin who raised with Khabib.  He is currently contracted with World Series of Fighting, but I would expect that he eventually lands in the octagon.  I also tend to think that he could do quite well in the UFC.

2. Jared Scoggins – 4-0 – 21 years old

Jared is the younger brother of UFC fighter Justin Scoggins. Jared, like his brother is young.  He has some work to do to get there, but I have heard from several people that Jared may be better than his brother.

3. Brian Camozzi – 6-2 – 25 years old

The brother of UFC middleiweight Chris Camozzi may not be far from a UFC offer.  He is scheduled to fight for the RFA welterweight title.  A win there puts him firmly on the UFC radar.

4. Herbert Burns – 6-0 – 28 years old

Burns is currently in a deal with Asian promotion, One.  He is very vocally unhappy with the promotion for not getting him a fight.  I do not think it is impossible for Herbert to join his brother, Gilbert in the UFC sooner rather than later.

5. Freddy Assuncao – 10-1 – 31 years old

Freddy is a unique case because he looks to become the third of the Assuncao brother to fight in the UFC.  His brother, Junior had a couple stints in the UFC.  Raphael is a bantamweight contender.  Freddy is currently fighting for TitanFC, which helps his case.

6.  Gabriel Silva – 5-0

The brother of UFC welterweight Erick Silva is making a case to join his brother in the UFC ranks.  He is a solid prospect, but a lack of activity could hurt his case somewhat.  I could see Gabriel signed to fight on a UFC Brazil show soon.  However, I do not expect the bantamweight to have the success of his brother.

7. Elias Urbina – 3-0 – 22 years old

Elias almost joined his brother Hector in the UFC this year.  He was a member of the Ultimate Fighter, but despite a decent showing never got offered a UFC fight.  He is very young in his career, so I would guess he has time to build his resume and earn a UFC offer.

8. Khusein Khaliev – 15-1 –

I put a bit of an astericks here.  Khusein’s brother Adam has been signed to the UFC for a while, but has never fought.  For this to truly work, Adam would need a UFC fight.  I think that is possible.  However, Khusein is one of the top lightweight prospects in the world.  I also want to note that Adam and Khusein have a brother, Khasan who is a up and coming fighter.

9. Daniel Teymur – 5-0

The brother of UFC lightweight David Teymur has a perfect 5-0 career record.  Daniel trains at Allstars in Sweden and could soon join his brother in the UFC.  Daniel is a prospect on the rise

10. Artur Bagautinov

The brother of UFC flyweight contender Ali is just 4-o, but don’t write him off.  The Russian flyweight would need to win some more fights, but he is a promising fighter.

11. Damien Lapilus – 13-7-1 – 27 years old

Damien’s brother Tayloris currently on the UFC roster.  The French fighter has had a solid career, but I do not think he is quite UFC-caliber.  However, I could see a scenario where he was a late notice fight on a European card.

12. Tyler East – 15-5

Tyler East is the brother of UFC heavyweight Cody East.  UFC is always looking for decent Heavyweights.  Tyler fits that mold.  Skill wise he may belong with his brother.  However, legal issues in his past may make this an impossibility.

13. Colbey Northcutt

Yes, she is the sister of UFC star Sage Northcutt.  I know the Sage haters won’t like this, but who knows maybe she lands in UFC one day.  She currently does not have a professional record, but has fought some amateur MMA.  At just 23-years old and with a famous brother, she could eventually get to the UFC, but first she would need to focus more on her fighting career.

There are other sets of siblings who are on the rise who could both wind up in the UFC.  Abu and Ottman Azaitar, Adam and Abukar Azaitar, Khasan and Khusein Askhabov, T.J. and Tony Laramie, Karl and Ludvig Albrektsson.



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