What Other Promotions Should Head to UFC Fight Pass?

UFC Fight Pass currently has deals in place with 15 different MMA promotions as well as Glory Kickboxing and the EBI in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu.  Those promotions include InvictaFC, TitanFC, Fight Nights, Tech Krep, Pancrase, TKO, Shooto Brazil, Shooto Japan, Cage Warriors, XFO, Combate, BRACE, and VictoryFC, VTJ, and AlaskaFC.  I would imagine that UFC will continue to add content and streamed events.  I think that there are some fight promotions that just make perfect sense for UFC Fight Pass.

  1. EuroFC – Finlandeurofc

This is a new promotion that I expect to make big waves in the European MMA circle.  UFC already has fight pass deals with promotions in Russia and the U.K. so a Finland based promotion makes tons of sense.  From observing their work in preparing for their first show, EuroFC looks like the type of promotion UFC would like to deal with as well.

   2.  EFC – Extreme Fighting Championships Africa

EFC makes perfect sense for Fight Pass.  They have promotions from all over the world. EFC EFC is based out of South Africa, so it would cover a market that is absent on Fight Pass.  It also would introduce UFC fans to a totally different market.  I also think that we are not far from seeing a few African fighters in the UFC.  Introducing fighters like EFC’s Demarte Pena would be a great way to bring them into the UFC.


   3.  WFF – World Fighting FederationWFF2

UFC has been very intentional about trying to break into Mexico.  They have held live events there, so why not air a Mexican based promotion on UFC Fight Pass?  The WFF flyweight champion will be a cast member of the upcoming season of the Ultimate Fighter.  I believe there could be a real audience and market to watch one of the top promotions in Mexico.

   4.  Ring of CombatLou-Neglias-Ring-of-Combat-MMA-logo

Ring of Combat is one of the best regional promotions around.  They have sent tons of fighters to the UFC.  However, watching their events is not easy.  I would love to have an easier time watching Ring of Combat.  I will add that they would have one of the best fight libraries that UFC could possibly get a hold of, featuring several well known UFC fighters in the early part of their careers.  They do not hold a ton of events, so it would not be too demanding to feature them.  This would be my first choice on this list, but not the most likely.

   5.  CFFC – Cage Fury Fighting ChampionshipsCFFC-Logo

Like Ring of Combat, CFFC has been a great regional promotion in the northeast.  They have had some great fighters pass through their ranks.  I would also love to their vast library made available for fight fans.

   6. Kunlun Fight – Chinakunlun

The Chinese based promotion could be a great idea if the UFC wanted to develop groundwork for getting into China.  Kunlun puts on solid fights that certainly could pique some interest from hardcore MMA fans.

  7.  TopFC  – Korea

I can see the merits of a Korean based partnership.  If that was to happen, TopFC would be a solid choice for the UFC.  Plus, it would be nice to have access to events that are not easy to watch otherwise.


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