5 Heavyweights I Expect UFC to Sign in 2017

In 2016 UFC really worked to bulk up their heavyweight division. They added several of the best prospects out there. minakovI expect that UFC continues to target this division. Here are five names that I think will be in the UFC in 2017.

  1. Vitaly Minakov – The former Bellator heavyweight champion has made it clear he wants to go to UFC.  It is just a matter of getting clear of his Bellator contract.  Once that happens, I imagine he will sign with the UFC.  I expect this to happen this year
  2. Sergey Pavolivch – I am quite certain the UFC has reached out to him.  He may not feel he is ready or he may be content with how things are going in Russia.  Either way, by the end of the year I believe he could go to UFC.  He is scheduled to fight Kiril Sidlnikov in his next bout.
  3. Denis Goltsov – Goltsov is another Russian that I expect the UFC to sign soon.  I think he is UFC ready.  He would be a welcome addition to the UFC roster and could quickly become a top ten fighter.
  4. Dan Spohn – Spohn competed in the UFC as a light heavyweight.  He has since moved up to heavyweight where he recently beat prospect, Jeff Hughes.  I think if the timing is right he could be a guy UFC would target
  5. Arjan Bhullar – I would expect the Canadian wrestler to sign with the UFC soon.  He may need one more win.  He is in a close race with Tanner Boser for the top Canadian heavyweight prospect, but I give the edge to Bhullar in terms of who UFC may look to sign.

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