Tai Tuivasa

Name: Tai Tuivasataituivasa
Professional Record:7-0
Weightclass: Heavyweight
Age: 23
Nationality: Australia
Gym Affiliation:
Upcoming Fight:
Overall Rating: ★★★★

Striking Skill

Overall Technique
Kick Technique
Striking Defense

Grappling Skill

Submission Defense
Takedown Defense

Tai Tuivasa is an exciting prospect from Australia.  He is young enough that he still has not reached his peak, but skilled enough to garner attention.  Tuivasa trains with Mark Hunt and has a similar style of fighting.  Tai hits incredibly hard and has real knockout power.  Tuivasa has a boxing background and it shows in his striking.  He lands with real power.  He throws knees, punches and elbows with just a different level of power behind them.  Tai is a dangerous opponent on the feet, but he has been known to take fights down to the ground.  Tai’s record on most sites lists him at 7-0 although it appears he has a loss in career that came at the hands of Peter Graham (HERE).  My biggest concern for Tai is his cardio.  He is a very big guy.  He throws hard punches.  In his fight against Peter Graham, he looked great in the early part of the fight, but he faded quickly towards the end.  I worry that he has banked too much on finishing fights early.  I also have concerns with how Tai would do off of his back.  Nevertheless, I believe that he could be a real name to remember.  He is young and already talented.  Don’t be surprised if the UFC comes calling soon for this young Australian.

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