Denis Goltsov

Name: Denis Goltsov
Professional Record: 19-4denis-golstov
Weightclass: Heavyweight
Age: 26
Nationality: Russian
Gym Affiliation:
Rank: 3
Upcoming Fight:
Overall Rating: ★★★★★

Striking Skill

Overall Technique
Kick Technique
Striking Defense

Grappling Skill

Submission Defense
Takedown Defense

Goltsov is a great prospect who has not lost since 2012 and has been on an impressive 13-fight winning streak.  He also has some of the best wins on his resume, including wins over Paul Buentello, Mike Kyle, Brett Rogers, Peter Graham and James McSweeney.  Goltsov is not a huge heavyweight.   In fact, he is between 230 and 240 pounds, which means he could possible make light heavyweight.  However, I do not believe it is necessarily a bad choice to fight at heavyweight.    He does have some length, which he utilizes well in his striking.  He has one of the better jabs I have seen among heavyweights.  He lands it often and with some power.  The thing that is most impressive about Goltsov is his speed and accuracy in his striking.  He is a real problem for many heavyweights.  Another thing that Goltsov has shown is that he can knock people out with his kicks.  It is almost as though he gets his opponents thinking about his hands and then throws a big kick.  He also has shown a  very good ground game.  He is not afraid of the grappling.  He has very good submission ability as well.  Goltsov is a guy that I think the UFC should be looking at sooner rather than later.  He is still young, but he has some real skills.  Not only should UFC be looking at Goltsov, but Bellator and any other promotion should as well.

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