Ian Heinisch

Name: Ian Heinish
Professional Record: 6-0
Weightclass: Middleweight
Age: 28
Nationality: USA
Gym Affiliation:
Rank: 14
Upcoming Fight:
Overall Rating: ★★★★

Striking Skill

Overall Technique
Kick Technique
Striking Defense

Grappling Skill

Submission Defense
Takedown Defense

Heinisch is an under the radar type prospect that I believe has a very high ceiling in MMA.  Ian fights out of Factory X Muay Thai alongside Chris Camozzi and Joe Warren.  He is a middleweight, but he fights like a featherweight.  He is constantly pressuring his opponent.  He is aggressive with strikes, initiating the clinch and landing takedowns.  Heinisch has found success landing punches as he moves forward.  I also believe that Heinisch is a solid wrestler.    Heinisch has only been fighting professionally since the start of 2015, so he does not have a ton of professional experience.   Ian is super athletic and that certainly benefits him in the cage.  Heinisch is really good from the top position at maintaining control.  Once he gets on top, he is not easy to get off.  His ground and pound is not consistently devastating, but it is enough to do some damage. There are very few middleweights that can hang with Heinish’s pace.  I think that most of his opponents will be worn down by his tenacity and pace.  I believe he needs to be a little careful in taking damage on his way in.  I think Heinisch could be a guy to really keep an eye on.  I do not see his name often mentioned with the top tiered prospects, but I really think he is not far from being UFC or Bellator ready.

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