TUF Latin America

Filming Dates:
Air Dates:
Coaches: Cain Velasquez and Fabricio Werdum
Weight Classes: Featherweights & Bantamweights

Team Werdum:
Bantamweights: Guido Cannetti (5-1), Fredy Serrano (1-0), Bentley Syler (5-0), Marlon Vera (5-1)
 Featherweights: Humberto Morrison (4-4), Leonardo Morales (4-1), Diego Rivas (5-0), Alex Torres (4-1)

Team Velasquez:
           Bantamweights: Enrique Briones (13-4-1), Masiosare Fullen (9-4), Alejandro Perez (13-4), Jose Quinones (0-1)
           Featherweights: Marco Beltran (5-2), Gabriel Benitez (16-4), Yair Rodrigiuez (2-1), Rodolfo Perez (2-1)


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