TUF Brazil 4

Weight Classes: Bantamweight and Lightweight
Tryouts: October 27th

Filming: February 2015

Coaches: Anderson Silva vs. Shogun Rua



  • Bruno Bulldog
  • Bruno Korea
  • Dileno Lopes
  • Eduardo Cabelo
  • Franklyn Arrocha
  • Giovanni Soldado
  • Leandro Higo
  • Marcos Maju
  • Matheus Mattos
  • Matheus Nicolau
  • Mateus Pitbull
  • Maycon Boca
  • Peter Montibeller
  • Reginaldo VIeira
  • Renato Mônaco


  • Adilson “Jack Godzilla”
  • Alexandre Cidade
  • André “Dedé”
  • Arlen Benks
  • Bruno Murata
  • Carlos Mistoca
  • Edson PC
  • Erick “Indio Brabo”
  • Fernando Açougueiro
  • Gabriel Macário
  • Glaico França
  • Jeferson Batata
  • Nazareno Malegarie
  • Joaquim “Neto BJJ”
  • Nikolas Motta
  • Raush Manfio

2 Responses to TUF Brazil 4

  1. Jp Preciado says:

    I want to acknowledge your work. I started following your website a couple years ago. And now I check up on your work every day. Do you know the cast for tuf 21? Or cast for tuf brazil 4?

  2. Anthony says:

    Who are your favorites for TUF Brazil 4 titles? You have Higo as your top FLW. Do you see him as the favorite for the BW title? Also, I didn’t any of these LWs listed on your overall LW prospect list. Is Brazil lacking UFC caliber LWs? I read on twitter that the best guys aren’t advancing because of the format? Can’t remember if that came from you or one of the others. Your thoughts?

    Also, heck of a job man. seriously, you do an outstanding job researching and sharing your knowledge and it’s much appreciated. Keep up the good work Jay.

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