TUF 19: Team Edgar vs. Team Penn

Tryouts: August 27, 2013 in Indianapolis, IN
Weight Classes: Middleweight (185 lbs) and Light Heavyweight (205 lbs)
Coaches: B.J. Penn vs. Frankie Edgar
Viewing: Fox Sports 1

Potential Cast:


  • Cathal Pendred (13-2-1)*
  • Mike King
  • Eddie Gordon*
  • Dhiego Lima*
  • Tim Williams*
  • Hector Urbina*
  • Joshua Clark (7-2)
  • Roger Zapata


  • Dan Spohn (8-3)*
  • Matt Van Buren*
  • Chris Fields (10-5-1)*
  • Anton Berzin*
  • Patrick Alex Walsh*
  • Corey Anderson*
  • Todd Monaghan (8-2)



  • Cathal Pendred vs. Eddie Gordon
  • Dhiego Lima vs. Roger Zabata


    • Dan Spohn vs. Matt Van Buren
    • Patrick Walsh vs. Corey Anderson

Middleweight: Eddie Gordon vs. Dhiego Lima
Light Heavyweight: Corey Anderson vs. Matt Van Buren

Winners: Eddie Gordon and Corey Anderson


5 Responses to TUF 19: Team Edgar vs. Team Penn

  1. JP says:

    do you know the final cast for tuf 19 and the tuf nations?

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