Max Nunes

Name: Max Nunes
Nickname: Powermax-nunes
Professional Record: 17-3
Weightclass: Middleweight
Age: 27
Height: 6’4″
Nationality: Sweden
Gym Affiliation:
Rank: 11
Upcoming Fight:
Overall Rating: ★★★★★

Striking Skill

Overall Technique
Kick Technique
Striking Defense

Grappling Skill

Submission Defense
Takedown Defense

At 6’4″, Nunes is a very big middleweight.  His size is a huge advantage for him.  Not only is he physically large, but he is very athletic.  He makes good use of his distance, utilizing his jab effectively and also frequently employing leg kicks.  Nunes seems to be at his best when he is in a top position on the ground.  He has shown very solid ground and pound from the top.  He has power from within his opponents guard. His takedowns are also very effective.  In most of his fights he has been able to dictate where the fight takes place.  However, his defensive wrestling is lacking.  He seems to also have a solid submission game.   His athleticism and physical gifts make him an intriguing prospect.  Nunes is training at Allstars Gym in Sweden alongside some great fighters.  He is scheduled to fight on October 22nd.   It seems like Nunes has been on the cusp of a UFC call for a while.  I think he may need to string one or two more wins together.  If UFC makes a return trip to Sweden, I would imagine that Nunes would be on a short list of fighters to sign for that event.

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