Brazilian MMA Prospects

Top Brazilian MMA Prospects

Rank Name Weight Class Notes
1  Alexandre Pantoja  Flyweight
2  Jonas Bilharino  Bantamweight
3  Luis Rafael  Bantamweight
4  Mario Israel  Bantamweight
5  Leandro Higo  Flyweight
6 Alberto Uda  Middleweight
7  Augusto Mendes  Bantamweight
8  Ricardo Ramos  Bantamweight
9  Bruno Menezes  Flyweight
10  Nildo Nascimento  Flyweight
11  Leonardo Leite  Middleweight
12  Matheus Mattos  Bantamweight
13  Deiveson Alcantara  Flyweight
14  Bruno Viana
15  Raoni Barcelos  Featherweight
16  Herdeson Batista  Lightweight
17  Bruno Lopes  Welterweight
18  Handesson Ferreira  Welterweight
19  Allan Nascimento  Flyweight
20  Irmeson Oliveira  Flyweight
21  Rafael Atilho  Middleweight
22  Felipe Froes  Featherweight
23  Felipe COlares  Bantamweight
24  Nikolas Motta  Featherweight
25  Gabriel Silva  Bantamweight
26  Bruno Azevedo  Flyweight
27  Bruno Ferreira  Featherweight
28  Fabricio Soares  Featherweight
29  Andre Muniz  Middleweight
30  Alexandre Hoffman  Middleweight
31  Eduardo Garvon  Welterweight
32  Wellington Turman  Welterweight
33  Ismael Bonfirm  Bantamweight
34  Marcel Adur  Flyweight
35  Otto Rodrigues*  Featherweight
36  Rubenilton Pereira  Lightweight
37  Fernando Dos Santos  Lightweight
38  Alex da Silva  Featherweight
39  Ary Farias  Bantamweight
40  Denis Silva  Bantamweight
41  Marcel Adur  Flyweight
42  Franciney Coelho  Middleweight
43  Alef Machado Flyweight

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